Berkeley County supervisor experiences workday at landfill

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MONCKS CORNER, SC (WCSC) – Berkeley County Supervisor Dan Davis gets a firsthand experience working in various departments in the county. Tuesday, he got his hands dirty experiencing a workday at the landfill.

"I've been in office 3 and a half years and this is the first time I've been on the hill at the landfill, been out here before, but it's the first time here," Davis said.

Davis is doing the work that employees throughout the county do every day. At the landfill off Highway 52 in Moncks Corner he uses a big tractor to compact the trash, into a pile workers call "Mount Trashmore."

"It gives you an appreciation for how expensive it is to operate for some of these operations. You look around here and these machines have been running constantly since I've been here. They're very expensive machines, but they have to run constantly in order to keep up with the work," Davis said.

Before coming here to the landfill Davis says he's already visited EMS and the library. He says he will have 22 total visits to all the departments in the county.

Davis' initiative to better lead the county is known as the "Supervisor on Site" program. He will visit one department a month.

"It's very difficult to get around and meet all the employees. So I get to meet employees I've never met before. It also gives you an appreciation for what the employees are doing and you understand the process a good bit better," Davis said.

In addition to working at the landfill, Davis all spent the day learning about the billing process and he took part in a ride along with code enforcement. Berkeley County Water and Sanitation Department provides sewer, water, landfill and recycling to the county.

Right now the department is part of a new project to turn methane gas from the landfill into a usable energy source.

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