Republicans push to end NPR funding


WASHINGTON (AP) — In the aftermath of NPR's firing of commentator Juan Williams, there are calls from Republicans to end federal funding for the radio network.

A spokesman says South Carolina Republican Sen. Jim DeMint plans to introduce legislation to cut off that money.

Federal grants provide less than 2 percent of NPR's annual budget. It's funded primarily by affiliates, corporate sponsors and major donors.

Williams was fired by NPR after saying on Fox News -- where he's also a commentator -- that he gets nervous when he boards a plane and sees people in Muslim attire.

Muslim groups were outraged by the remarks, and said similar comments about other ethnic or religious groups wouldn't be tolerated. Earlier this month, CNN fired anchor Rick Sanchez for comments that included questioning whether Jews should be considered a minority.

As for Williams, he says he thinks NPR had been looking for a reason to fire him, and used those comments as an excuse. Williams tells ABC that NPR had disapproved of his appearances on Fox News shows.

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