Tea Party movement plays large role in upcoming election

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A group of everyday Americans with a grassroots state of mind continues to make its presence known not only in the Lowcountry, but all over the country.

Local Constitution attorney and former Tea Party candidate Larry Kobrovsky says his party is ready for the Nov. 2 election.

Kobrovsky says the movement is fired up and fed up with the current fiscal irresponsibility of the federal government.

Another thing Kobrovsky wants to see is a free market system and a return to the Constitution.

Kobrovsky says the Tea party is not affiliated with the GOP but is firmly conservative.

"It's not about partisan politics its about principles and I hope they maintain that," Kobrovsky said.

According to Rasmussen reports, 33 percent of South Carolina voters say they are part of the tea party movement. The other 54 percent say they are not members of the party.

The figures are well above the national results.

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