31 hound dogs rescued, 10 dead from indecent conditions

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RIDGEVILLE, SC (WCSC) - The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is looking for foster homes for 18 hounds dogs rescued from indecent living conditions in Ridgeville this week. Two dog owners have been charged.

"We processed them and noticed ear infections, eye infections. We bathed them and heartworm tested them. Most of them are heartworm positive. Their nails very long, obviously in poor nutrition, very thin," SPCA Supervisor Ashley Hawkins said.

Dorchester County Animal Control has charged two of three owners who had the dogs locked up in pens.

"The vet was, I don't want to say shocked because she's seen it before, she definitely says they were not taken care of at all," Hawkins said.

County Administrator Jason Ward says owners Brian Altman and Wyly "Punch" Reeves have been cited for neglect of the animals.

According to a court document Animal Control received a complaint and found the dogs on October 22nd at a home at 144 Traci Lane. Investigators say the dogs were severely neglected and ten were found dead in the bunch.

The SPCA says these dogs were found locked up in pens in a rural part of Dorchester County, and they were all found ankle deep in their own feces.

"We try our hardest with all the animals here; get them into vet care, whatever donations we have come forth for them. We get their story out there the best we can and try to get them out on the adoption floor,"  Hawkins said.

The animals will remain in the custody of SPCA or fostered until they can be adopted. The County says it will be at the owners' expense. Anyone interested in fostering one of the dogs should contact the SPCA at http://summervillespca.com or call (843) 871-3820.

Ward says Altman and Reeves will have a court hearing November 24th. The third dog owner is not facing charges at this time. Thirty-one dogs were found still alive in the pen. The SPCA says the ones not in bad condition were released.

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