5 things parents should worry about

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) – School shootings, deadly kidnappings and other tragic events involving schools and children dominate news headlines. These scary situations can cause a false sense of insecurity for parents.

The author of a book called "The Paranoid Parents Guide" says based on surveys, many parents worry about tragedies their children likely will never encounter. According to those surveys, parents fear the most extreme ways their children could get hurt or killed, but in reality, those aren't the most common situations their children may encounter.

If parents really want to keep their children safe, they should keep a close eye on them at the beach and in the pool. Drowning ranks as the fifth main cause of death for children and teenagers.

In February of last year, two teens and a woman drowned when their boat sank in Georgetown. This past summer, a 6-year-old boy died after drowning in a North Charleston pool.

For more on how to keep your kids safe, and to see the top five causes of death for children and teenagers, watch Ann McGill's story on "5 things parents should worry about," Thursday, on Live 5 News at 6.

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