Political ads taking over the airwaves

By Taylor Kearns - bio | email

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Candidates running for office in South Carolina are pulling all the punches to get your vote, including using political ads. They've literally taken over the airwaves, but will those ads actually make a difference in voters' decisions on election day?

If you hadn't noticed, there's an election coming up. Chances are you've already seen several candidates posing with their families, talking to law enforcement or hashing things out with the grandparents.

"I'm just sick of them," said one woman. "I'm totally not interested in them."

"They're obnoxious, but a lot of the political campaigns are as well," said another.

"They're just trying to attack each other in the best way possible," said Craig Coelho.        
With just six days to go, they're wall to wall. "It's name recognition," said University of South Carolina political scientist Dr. Robert Oldendick.

Oldendick says the last minute ads are for voters who've paid the least amount of attention. "For the most part, the ads at this point are looking for that 10% undecided trying to convince those people to turn out for that candidate," he said.
While most will be familiar with the major candidates, Oldendick says this is the time when you'll see the lesser-known races ramp up their campaigns. He says name recognition is vital to the undecided voters.

"The loyal supporters on either side, they've made up their minds at this point," said Oldendick. "They're gonna show up, but during the last week they're, they're trying to get the undecided and uncommitted voters of South Carolina saying 'let's see if we can steer them in our direction with these ads.'"
Time will tell when voters head to the polls Tuesday.

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