Fair's dinner options aren't all high in fat, calories

LADSON, SC (WCSC) - There is a never-ending list of fried food and junk food options from fried Snickers and fried Oreos to french fries and fried Twinkies. Dieters beware at the fair -- the food options can be quite tempting.

With some hunting around the various food vendors, fair goers can find some of the healthier choices. One Amusements of America vendor offers some lighter fare.

"The older people, some of the young ones that are watching their diet, they go for the cucumber salad, the lighter side of things," Barbara Diegel said.

The Italian vendor Deluca's has salad and it actually sells quite well.

"Everything is cut fresh that morning. Strawberries grapes and cucumbers, different types of lettuce," Rick Pachell said. "People are out there looking for something more fresher, healthier."

Dieticians have even offered tips to cut back on the caloric intake:
-don't arrive hungry
-drink plenty of water
-go in the morning, food aromas may be less enticing
-watch out for mindless munching

Another expert tip to avoid over-indulging is to share your food.

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