2 of 3 SC voters say economy is biggest issue

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - Two out of 3 South Carolina voters say the economy is the most important issue in the election, according to preliminary exit polls at precincts.

Preliminary results show that more than one out of 3 voters say they have had a job loss or layoff in their household in the past two years. And more than one in 3 of those voting Tuesday said their own financial condition is worse today than it was two years ago.

Two-thirds of those surveyed in the exit poll say they have a negative view of the way the federal government is working. Only about one in three said the economic stimulus helped the economy and that the new health care law should be expanded.

While four in 10 of those surveyed say they support the tea party movement, more than half said it was not a factor in their vote.

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