Greene debuts comic book after losing election

MANNING, SC (WCSC) – Alvin Greene did not have many good things to say about his opponent in the US Senate race after the results were in Tuesday night.

Greene answered a few questions on the way into his party.

He said that Jim DeMint led the country into a recession and that all he could offer South Carolina was more gridlock politics.

"Like I said I've done all I can do," Greene said Tuesday night. "I've told y'all stuff that made sense. You know where this recession came from, where this crisis came from; there was a clear choice here."

Probably the most interesting thing that came out of Greene's camp Tuesday night was his debut as a super hero in a comic book called "The Ultimate Warrior."

The comic is centered around Greene saving families from foreclosure on their homes.

When asked if he planned on running again, Greene said "Maybe."

He said that even though he lost, he would run for office all over again.

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