Resume Killers - protecting yourself from mistakes

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A lot of people are looking for a job. On average it takes about 9 months to land something -- even if you have a job --- having one of these, a successful resume, is important with so many companies down sizing.

Just this week about a thousand people showed up a the Sharonville Convention Center.  All with the same goal: landing a job.

"It has been tough," says Larry McFerron.   "The positions I'm looking for in terms of sales and customer service background It has been kind of hard because there's been a lot more people flooding the market."

A Sharonville resident, Larry, is armed with his resume.  And trying to get the attention of at least one of the more than 30 employers at this job fair.

Heather Mays is also trying to land a new job. "your resume sells yourself. It sells your experience. It sells how you are as a person. If you don't have a correct resume. The employers throw you aside."

Julie Bauke wrote the book "Stop Peeing on your Shoes - Avoiding the 7-Mistakes that Screw up Your Job Search."

People usually pay her to help land jobs.

Today, that advice is free.

First mistake: Being unclear.

"Remember you're not always going to be with your resume as it travels around town. Anybody who gets a hold of it and one who doesn't know you should hold it and understand what is next for you," says Julie.

According to Julie and unclear resume screams "wow what a mess."

"Your resume is of course a history of what you've done today. People look at that and think I have to put all that on paper. And they literally and mentally dump it on their resume and say done!!.

If your resume is a landfill of past jobs and experiences and not a way to market yourself it is good enough for mistake number two.

Second mistake: data dumping ground.

"What are your great skills your strengths your accomplishments. What do you rock out like nobody else. An that needs to be clear on your resume.'

The biggest myth says Julie is the length.  It doesn't have to be one page.

"I've seen people who are mid career and try to stuff everything on one page and then all of the sudden you're leaving out really really important things that should be part of your self marketing strategy."

Third mistake: typos.

"I find it odd that people make typos on their resume.  Oh my gosh. Yeah. They do. A lot of time its because you've looked at it so many times the words don't even make sense to you anymore."

Julie says get the most meticulous person you know to comb over your resume.

Typos put you in a bad light.

Another mistake: when you scan it nothing pops out.

It takes too much time to fish thru.

Mistake number 5: big blocky paragraphs.

"Literally they are going to look at it quickly and they want to go boom boom boom. A visual scan to see if there is anything in there to compel them to read more closely."

The 6th and final mistake: stupid email addresses.

"The worse example of an email address that I've ever seen is slacker and something dot com think professionally. Really?! What hiring manager is going to hire a self proclaimed slacker."

Julie says in this economy -- employers getting stack of resumes and are looking for ways to weed you out don't make it easy for them.

Julie Bauke says this is an example [.pdf: sample resume] of a resume that is successful.  She says it is clear and it markets the job seeker to the job for which he is applying.

She says it is laid out in a clear manner. Both in terms of understand the applicants work history and what he wants to do next.

The key words pop out so an employer can easily decide if he is a contender for the job.

Julie says most importantly, put yourself on the other side of the table.  Think about what the employer should know about you and clearly convey that.

For more information on Julie, her company and book.

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