Friends with your teacher? What the rules really say

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - With a rise in the number of people using social network sites like Facebook and Twitter, some parents are asking what's the rule when it comes to teachers and students with social networking sites.

"I ban all kids and locals from my wall, because I like to have fun on my wall" said Dianne Walker, a parent of two children in Horry County.  Walker said she would never let her kids be Facebook friends with any past or current teacher.

"You just shouldn't be friends with them on Facebook plain and simple," she added. Horry County Schools don't have a rule forbidding online friendships but they do offer guidelines each year to teachers and staff about online behavior.

"You may not realize that some of things you put out personally can be taken in different perspectives on a work related level." said Ashley Gasperson, a spokesperson with Horry County Schools.

Horry County Schools block access to the Facebook web site on school computers, but many students are still able to update via mobile devices. Teachers are also blocked from the site but do have the ability to lower the firewall to gain access to any sites they deem necessary.

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