North Charleston police lighting initiative gets underway

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The North Charleston Police Department is trying to shine the light on fighting crime in high-crime neighborhoods.

The program is called Project C.L.U.E, which stands for communities lighting up with energy efficiency.

The goal of the program is aimed at helping residents illuminate their porches to deter crime.

The program also teaches residents to become more energy efficient by using new compact fluorescent light bulbs.

"It will be good for the community because of the heavy traffic that goes in and out at night," said Chicora resident Sherry Smalls

Lieutenant Joyce Smith of the North Charleston Police Department says having officers give out and install the bulbs energizes and fosters relationships with communities.

Smith says the department chose to go with the energy efficient bulbs because they give a high quality of light while also using one third less energy.

"The cost is about two cents to operate for eight hours, which is the amount of time that people keep their lights on," Smith said.

The North Charleston Police Department hopes to pass out the new CFL bulbs to different high-crime neighborhoods once a month.

"Hopefully the community will gravitate towards it because everything is about being green," said resident John Davis Jr.

Smith says that by 2011, the department would also like to include passing out the energy efficient bulbs to area apartments as well as businesses.

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