U.S. Army Sgt. returns home to Charleston for reenlistment ceremony

By Tracey Amick  bio | email

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) – A U.S. Army Sgt. from Charleston returned home Tuesday morning to reenlist for another term.

"This is what I want to do I want to serve my country," said Sgt. Walter Stanley.

Stanley worked as a call center manager for a rental car agency until 9/11.

"As the wars in Afghanistan started I started to realize that I needed to be a part of it, to defend the country," said Stanley.

The reenlistment ceremony was held at the Charleston International Airport.  This is the second time he has reenlisted.

MSgt. Shaundra  Birdlow is an army career counselor who says reenlistment numbers are high.  "They're coming in because they want to stay want to serve," said Birdlow. "Even though we're still in wartime I think its excellent because our fiscal year starts in October and as of today were at 50 percent across the board."

The economy does play a part.

"I've got a steady paycheck, we've got benefits and I know I have a job. I can't complain," said Stanley.

"Soldiers are reenlisting because not only the economy but they love what they do," said Birdlow.

The soldier picks the time, place and circumstance. Stanley wanted to reenlist in Charleston with his family and have a black hawk helicopter fly him here from Ft. Bragg, NC.

This reenlistment commits him to the Army for the next six years, but he says he'll stay the full 20 or more.

"Every day that I get to be a part of it, I love it," said Stanley.

During his time in the army, Stanley has traveled to Germany, Afghanistan, Texas, Virginia and North Carolina.

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