Police look for person who set dog on fire

GREENVILLE, S.C. (AP) - A dog is in a Greenville animal hospital after someone set him on fire in a doghouse and put a cinderblock on his head to keep him from moving.

Multiple media outlets report Thursday that Greenville authorities are looking for the culprit. Police and firefighters found Pookie on fire in an overturned doghouse Tuesday afternoon. The dog was chained in a back yard of a home for sale.

Veterinarian Ann Malphrus tells WYFF-TV that Pookie is in a lot of pain but is expected to live. Malphrus says the worst burns are on his nose. His burned corneas could cause him to go blind.

Authorities are looking for someone to adopt the dog. The dog's owner surrendered her rights and can't pay the veterinarian bills. The owner says she left the dog behind to watch the home.

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