Vietnam vet honored by wife with poolside Statue of Liberty

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - Tributes to a soldier's service comes in many ways. Whether it's an address from the Commander-in-Chief or just a quiet "Thank you" from friends and family, each veteran receives some recognition for their service.

But one West Ashley man's tribute is poolside and globally recognizable. Andy Anderson's wife bought him a replica Statue of Liberty. The statue is about 13 feet tall and sits beside the family's pool among a grove of palm trees and ferns -- a distinct departure from Liberty Island in New York.

Some 22 years ago, Anderson recalled, his wife purchased the statue during a trip to Mexico to honor his years of service during and after the Vietnam War. After the war, Anderson was charged with reconnecting long-time prisoners of war with their former lives stateside, often having to explain to the soldiers that their wives had remarried and moved on.

His wife said she did it because she was so proud of her husband's service to the country.

Now, Anderson has his own statue, a daily reminder of both his service and his wife's -- and his country's -- appreciation.

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