Woman sentenced for toxic margarita

CANANDAIGUA, NY (CNN) - A woman in upstate New York has been sentenced to 23 years in state prison for killing her boyfriend by lacing a jug of margarita cocktails with antifreeze.

Cynthia Galens, 52, was convicted of manslaughter in September. She faced up to 25 years in prison at her sentencing Wednesday near Rochester, NY.

Galens said she was sorry for the pain she caused, but showed no emotion when sentenced.

She was charged with murder in January, three months after Air Force veteran Thomas Stack died from complications of ethylene glycol poisoning. But a grand jury later opted for a less severe manslaughter charge.

Investigators say Galens told them Stack was emotionally and physically abusive and she decided to exact revenge by pouring a shot glass of the toxic chemical into the margarita mix. Stack died four days later.

Galens said her intent was to make Stack sick, not kill him.

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