Gov.-elect Haley announces fiscal task force team

COLUMBIA, SC (WCSC) - Governor-elect Nikki Haley Monday announced the next phase of appointments to her transition team.

Haley announced the creation of the Executive Committee of the Gubernatorial Transition's Fiscal Crisis Task Force, a group of leaders with experience dealing with budget issues, to assist her in identifying the most pressing fiscal challenges facing the state.

"We are about to enter a budget year as tough as any we've ever faced," said Gov.-elect Haley. "But as my parents always taught us, it is during the toughest times that you make the best decisions."

In addition, Gov. Mark Sanford has agreed to order his cabinet directors to freeze any raises or promotions within their agencies.

The governor-elect has also launched SC Budget Crisis – a website where South Carolinians can report state government waste, fraud and abuse and make suggestions about how to make state government more fiscally sound and efficient.

"State government is going to be hit hard this coming year, but within these serious challenges lies a tremendous opportunity for South Carolina government to get smaller, to get smarter, and to better serve the citizens of our state," Haley said.

The Fiscal Crisis Task Force will be chaired by George Schroeder. Schroeder was Director of the South Carolina General Assembly's Legislative Audit Council for 33 years before his retirement in February 2009.

"Fiscal Crisis Task Force Chairman George Schroeder has a stellar career of identifying waste in state government, and under his leadership, this task force will help make sure we are prepared to make the tough, but right, necessary, decisions on day one of our Administration," Haley said.

The committee will also be staffed by state Rep. Nathan Ballentine, Congressman Henry Brown, state Sen. Tom Davis, and Ashley Landess, the president of the South Carolina Policy Council.