Congressmen report to Capitol Hill, State House for orientation

(WCSC) - At the State House, Monday was the first day of school  for 20 new legislators.

The two-day orientation includes briefings on how to make laws, deal with the media, and  managing the state budget, which is heading toward a $1 billion deficit. House veterans will join the group on Wednesday for additional meetings.

Newly-elected house and senate members, including Congressman-elect Tim Scott, found their way around Washington, familiarizing themselves with their new jobs.

Scott, who will replace Henry Brown in the First Congressional district plans to cut spending and says he's ready to get to work.

"South Carolina's a red state and it makes it pretty simple quit frankly. Cut spending, look for ways to create the economic freedom that we've all enjoyed for the past. If we do those two things, then we'll be leading in the right direction," Scott said

During the week-long orientation, new members of Congress will also compete for key committee assignments.

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