Brand vs. Generic... the 5 no-name things you should never buy

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Money is tight and everyone is looking to save a buck.

"Oh God, everything's so expensive these days," one shopper said.

Generics and store brands can save you big money, but sometimes it may be worth paying extra for brand names. Topping the list are garbage bags. found brand name bags to be much stronger. Generics ran about 3 cents less per bag, but required more bags to carry the same load.

Diapers are the next big thing to buy name brand instead of generic.

"I can't begin to tell you how many hundreds of diapers I've been through, and the first inclination is to go cheap," one consumer said.

The experts say, don't do it. Generics and name brands absorb about the same, but the generics don't fit as well and the last thing parents want to deal with is a leaky diaper.

Mac n Cheese is another product that warrants buying the name brand. A testing group of preschoolers gave name brand and the generic Wal-Mart brand a taste test.

"The cheese is a little lumpy," one student said.

Hands down, they liked the name brand, however the teacher liked the generic better and suspects kids are affected by years of brand loyalty.

"I think the kids might just go with what they're used to," the teacher said.

Paper towels are another popular generic item; however, consumer reports found lower prices meant fewer fibers and more product to clean the same mess.

The same is true for dish detergent.

The good housekeeping research institute found generic brands required more detergent to wash the same number the dishes.

So, while sometimes, you can save by not buying generic, there are some things you should always buy generic.

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