Mom shocked after TSA pat-down

Erin Chase said she was not warned that her genitals would be touched during a TSA pat-down. (Source: CNN)
Erin Chase said she was not warned that her genitals would be touched during a TSA pat-down. (Source: CNN)

DAYTON, OH (CNN) - An Ohio mother is equating the new, enhanced security measures with being sexually violated after going through an airport security line Friday.

"I was in shock. I remember clearly what I was thinking the entire time, just couldn't say anything," Erin Chase said.

The mother said she and her baby son were subjected to an uncomfortable pat-down at Dayton International Airport.

Chase and her baby were traveling to San Antonio, TX, Friday night when they were pulled to a center lane because of the special needs formula in her bag.

At that point, she said TSA agents checked the carry-on and told her she was going to be patted down.

"So, I stood there. She said 'Spread your feet apart, hold your arms out.' She proceeded to pat down my arms, my upper back, lower back, Chase said. "Then, she told me she was going to reach inside my waist band, which sort of alerted me. I got really uncomfortable."

Chase said she stood still as the agent continued.

"Then, she went to the bottom of my legs, came up my inner thighs, touched my genital areas on both sides," Chase said. "Again, she did not tell me she was going to do that."

Outraged, Chase asked to talk to a supervisor.

She said the supervisor apologized and said the agent should have told her what was going to happen.

But Chase said that's not good enough.

TSA officials are standing behind the policy, saying passengers must either participate or not fly.

Chase agrees security is important, but calls the new security procedures a violation of rights and an invasion of personal privacy.

"Security is obviously everybody's No. 1 priority, but I don't think we need to be sexually violating our own citizens to make that happen," Chase said.

According to a TSA blog posting, airport security officials screen nearly two million passengers daily.

But very few of those people are required to submit to enhanced security measures, such as the thorough pat-down and the full-body scan.

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