Gas leak interrupts wedding, shuts down businesses

By Christy Hutchings - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A gas leak nearly forced a bride to cancel her wedding, while hundreds of others had to evacuate buildings and businesses on Broughton Street.

It happened shortly before 5 p.m. Thursday. A gas line broke in Broughton Lane. Sandy Hollander, owner of 45 Bistro on Broughton found out when someone came running up to him right after it started. "It was foggy. It was misty," said Hollander as he described what he saw.

Hollander called 911. Savannah Fire responded immediately, but couldn't turn off the line. They had to wait for the gas company.

In the meantime, firefighters started going door to door, evacuating people. "They told us we had to shut off our oven, everything as a precaution," said Jason Bronwlee, manager of Quiznos on Broughton Street.  Bronwlee did exactly what they said.

Just a few doors down, the Young's heard about the trouble. They were at the Marshall House, visiting Savannah on their 48th wedding anniversary. "We'd just come in from a hard day walking around and seeing the sights, buildings and everything. We were just lying down to have a little nap and, bang, bang, bang on the door. We had to evacuate," said Margaret Young.

They were outside standing with everyone else, including bride-to-be Leslie White who was getting ready to say her I do's. "I started panicking. Everyone out, everyone out, so I made the fireman go up and get my dress," said White.

Her wedding was delayed an hour. "What a wedding day," laughed White.

Less than an hour into it, the gas company arrived and shut off the line. Broughton Street returned to normal, but none of the people will ever forget that intense hour.

"Hopefully nothing else will go wrong today," said White.

"It was exciting, but that's the type of excitement we can do without," said Hollander.

There is no official word as to what caused the gas leak, but people in the area believe a car hit the gas meter and kept going.

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