Layaway making a comeback in retail stores?

ROCK HILL, SC (WBTV) – With the holiday shopping season warming up, many retailers are bringing back an old option: layaway.

Kristen Thrailkill hasn't put anything on layaway in awhile.

"It's been a few years not since my girls were little and they're in High School now," said Thrailkill.

She says when she used lay away it made a big difference in the pocketbook when buying for Christmas.

"Toys, clothes and everything else on layaway, but now they don't have layaway at most of the stores where they like to shop at," said Thrailkill.

Many stores have gotten away from offering layaway, but the idea of buy now pay later is making a comeback.

Florence Logan Manager at the Shoe Department at the Rock Hill Galleria says folks are using the layaway program more for a reason.

"Because the way the economy is people want to put things on layaway and get them out faster instead of using their debits or credit cards," said Logan.

Logan says layaway is a good option instead of running up a credit card bill and then interest payments. The Shoe Department's layaway program can help further with good old fashioned service.

"We ask 25-percent down, but we can work on that with you," said Logan.

Kristen says when budgets are tight and you want to save money the layaway come back is a good idea.

"I think it would be awesome because my kids can go down pick something up they like put it on lay away, I can go pick it up later, and then I don't haven't to worry about getting something they don't like," said Thrailkill.