Not buying new items can save a bundle

By Maureen O'Boyle - bio | email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV)  –   If you are shopping for something special for someone for the holidays and you just do not want to fork over a fortune, maybe you should look for something second hand.  There are all kinds of things you should never buy new!  We found an interesting list of things of items with staying power.

Clothing:  On a trip to the Assistance League Thrift Store on South Tryon in Charlotte, I found a beautiful suit that would have cost a fortune at the department stores.  This suit still had the original price tags on it, well over two hundred dollars, sold at the AL thrift store for well under forty dollars. The store also has shoes, purse, home goods and furniture.  Great place to treasure hunt!

Furniture:  "If you buy vintage furniture you're getting really well made items," said Katherine Cromer.  She's been filling her south Charlotte home with incredible deals from Goodwill Stores, Habitat ReStores and consignment shops.

Books, DVDs, CDs, and Video Games:  Make sure to check out your local thrift stores for their supplies on books and video games.  The stores are a great resource for the kids this holiday, especially if they have a short attention span for a game, you will feel a lot less guilty spending a few dollars at a thrift store as opposed to 20 to 30 at a gaming store.  Many local cities and towns also have second hand gaming stores, always a good resource.

Pets:  Before you go and buy a pet, think about taking a trip to a local shelter.  Most shelters will spay and neuter your new family member, even microchip for a lot less than you would normally have to pay.  And you will always feel good knowing you are saving a life!

Tools, Gardening Supplies, Sports Equipment and Refurbished Electronics:  Make sure to check your local thrift stores, Habitat ReStore and consignment shops for these items.  More electronic stores are selling used items as people try and cut back.

Musical Instruments:  It is never a good idea to buy a musical instrument new,  especially if your musician is a beginner.  So consider asking your local music store if they sell used items, or look online for deals.

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