SC unemployment drops to 10.7 percent for October

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - South Carolina's unemployment rate dropped to 10.7 percent in October, the second-straight month of improvement.

The Department of Employment and Workforce said Tuesday the jobs picture improved even with an increase in the overall labor force of about 600 workers.

The October rate was an improvement from 11 percent in September and 11.1 percent in August. The national unemployment rate was unchanged for October at 9.6 percent.

There were 2,700 more construction jobs in October than in September, but that was still 1,300 fewer workers than the year before. Manufacturing jobs were up 1,100 for the month and have seen an increase of 5,200 since last year.

Marion County continued to have the highest jobless rate, but was improved at 17.8% compared with 18.6 percent in September.

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