Report, smart phone app help you watch out for dangerous toys

By Stewart Moore - bio | email

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Palmetto Health Children's Hospital says there's trouble in toyland, and they want to keep your family safe. The hospital joined forces with the U.S. Public Interest Group released its 25th annual report on Tuesday.

If it's possible to do with a toy, kids will find a way to do it. Shoving small pieces in their mouths and choking or getting lead poisoning. Dangers could be on your gift list, and the consequences could be deadly.

"There's usually about 12 child related deaths toy related deaths per year," said Dr. Jason Hawn. "Several are choking. Always small parts are problematic. Majority is riding bikes, scooters and not using protective gear."

But there's a tool to help protect your family. is a website set up and perfect for your phone, to make sure you can check questionable items while you are in the store.

"We are not saying any of these products are bad, its just we want you to make informed decisions when you make the purchase this Christmas holiday season," said Hawn.

Dr. Hawn says check which country made the product. Be sure to look for what type of paint was used to decorate the product. And one of the easiest things to check, make sure it doesn't fit through a toilet paper roll. "If they can fit through here, they are dangerous," said Hawn.

End of the day, be smart about the toys you buy and be sure to keep a watchful eye as your kids play.

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