Are we eating ourselves to death?

By Dawn Baker - email | bio

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) – These days it's hard to find someone who isn't at least concerned about their weight. For some people, it's not just a matter of comfort, it's a life or death situation. It can be hard to shed those unwanted pounds, but it is important to do so because some doctors say we are eating ourselves to death. A lot of it is because of our fast paced lifetstyles. It seems we're always on the go and that means many people are eating more fast food than ever before and not necessarily making the best choices when we do.

When we think about obesity, we mostly think about appearance: how we look when we gain a few extra pounds. But according to doctors, we should be more worried about what we do not see. "If you eat too much the liver will store fat and just like fat goes in other places it actually goes into the liver itself. The fat cells push the normal liver cells apart and cause them not to work as well. If you have fatty liver, your risk for sorosis or liver failure meaning liver fails and you could die is the same as that for someone who is an alcoholic," explained Dr. Paul Bradley.

Sobering words we may not want to hear, but Dr. Bradley says obesity also brings on higher risks of Cancer, heart attacks, strokes, joint issues, gall stones, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, amputations, blindness, kidney failure and Diabetes. "Nationally about 8 to 9 percent of the people have Diabetes, but in this area, it's probably double may be even more than that," said Bradley.

But there is good news, all of these health issues can be controlled, if not eliminated, if you lose weight. Gwen Anderson knows all about that. She did not have much to dance about months ago. Her weight ballooned to 323 pounds and before she knew it, those extra pounds were making her sick. She had high blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as Diabetes, and one of her kidneys was failing. She was taking four prescriptions just for Diabetes and was about to start insulin. That's when Dr. Bradley convinced her to try his Our Skinny program. It would require her to drink four high protein shakes a day, and eats one nutritional bar and one sensible meal.

"It's so much of getting your mind right. You have to have that frame of mind that you want to do it for you. I wanted to make sure that I avoided going on insulin. This is great because I have my sugar under control and I have lost this weight. It's like icing on the cake,"said Anderson.

Since July, she has lost 68 pounds and like Bradley promised, her health has also completely turned around. With her new lifestyle of eating healthy and working out, her cholesterol and blood pressure have also returned to normal levels. Our Life Weight Loss and Fitness Center is tracking more than 70 Diabetics and they are turning that diagnosis around with the help of his Our Skinny program. He says Diabetes is no longer an end of life diagnosis.

"For the overweight diabetic, they can expect not only for their sugars to improve but for them to often times shed medications. It's not unusual that as they lose weight they will not have to take their insulin anymore. Blood sugars and A1C, long term blood sugars, will improve and sometimes go down to normal," said Dr. Bradley.

That's exactly what happened for Gwen Anderson as she dances her way right into a whole new healthier chapter in her life. "I feel like I gained ten years," added Anderson.

You might remember that Dr. Bradley's other very successful program called "Our Fresh" is what helped our weight loss superstar Ruby Gettinger shed more than 200 pounds.

Join us tomorrow on The News at 6 for more details on the program. I'll also introduce you to some of our neighbors, Gwen Anderson, James Crosby, Peter Damski, Virginia Osonitsch and Wallace Rowe, who decided to take their weight battle head on and they are winning the fight. All of them can serve as a source real inspiration for us all. We have posted their interviews along with this story.

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