Holiday air travel rush moves smoothly

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC - Despite concerns an "opt-out" protest by passengers over the TSA's new security measures would cause major air travel delays across the country, most airports and flights were operating smoothly Wednesday.

In Charleston, several travelers departed from airports using the new pat-downs and full body scanners.  For the most part, fliers chose the slightly less intrusive scans over the more time consuming pat-downs.

"I asked if I could go through the body scanner which I thought was less intrusive physically," said Larry McNamee.  "I went through that.  No, I didn't like it.  It was unnecessary."

"It was not much hassle, but its intrusive, and it shouldn't be," McNamee continued.

Some fliers who went through the process thought security trumped privacy issues.

"I don't believe it bothers me because I'm in it for security first and foremost.  It definitely didn't bother me, but I know it bothers other people, especially women," Kristin Trombulak said.

Other tips offered to air travelers to make the holiday airport experience go more smoothly include arriving early, brining proper identification, and  checking food items and gifts, or even sending those items ahead.

"I arrived at the airport about 2.5 hours before my flight time only because of the concern I have.  Obviously I don't want to miss a flight going to see my cousins in the DC area," Kevan-Ann Spangler said.

Food and gifts for holiday dinners must comply with carry-on rules for liquids or gels.  Items such as cranberry sauce, dips and spreads, salsa, gravy, or similar items should be put in checked bags.  TSA officials will remove items from carry-on bags that don't comply.

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