Top 12 holiday health tips in a song

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CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) – The holiday season is a time for eating, giving thanks, giving gifts, and celebrating. Now health officials are reminding you to stay healthy and safe. You've heard of the "12 Days of Christmas," now the CDC is sharing the "12 Ways to Health" this holiday season in a song.

Tips include stress management, such as balancing work and play and keeping spending in check. For some managing stress is not coming out really early for Black Friday.

"I avoid it. I didn't come out 'til 12:30 or 1 p.m. I avoided all of it," Victoria Wilz said.

Exercise and healthy eating also has big benefits especially after indulging many holiday treats.

"It will reduce the risk of disease; reduce your risk of stress. It will actually increase endurance and stamina, and help you sleep better at night," Planet Fitness manager John Murner said.

CDC also recommends: stay warm, get check-ups and vaccinations, be smoke-free, prevent injuries, and watch the kids.

The CDC says washing your hands with soap and water is an important step to keep from getting sick and spreading germs, and it is also an important part of food prep and safety.

As more people hit the road, travel safely, don't drink and drive, and buckle up.

"Traffic is never good in Charleston. I don't know about everywhere else but here it's not," Wilz said.

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