DUI program given go ahead for 2nd year

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (BCSO) - The Berkeley County Sheriff's Office has been awarded a second year of continuance to further implement the DUI program through the South Carolina Department of Public Safety, Office of Highway Safety.

The awarded grant in the amount of $177,223 will further expand the DUI program and its operation for another full year expanding a three-year process.

The Team's overall goal in implementing the project is to bring about community awareness through educational training, officer interaction, and media presence. In addressing the consequences of electing to drink and drive in Berkeley County, the team will aggressively monitor and patrol the communities and roadways throughout the county to help crack down on impaired motorists, with the hope of reducing the number of fatalities that occurred during 2009.

Berkeley County was one of the leading counties in the state as it relates to deaths due to impaired drivers.

With the implementation of the DUI Team and in conjunction with other agencies, the year 2010 has proven to be much safer year for motorists in Berkeley County.

The mobilization of the DUI Team throughout the county targets speeding motorist, which often leads to other violations including Driving Under Suspension, No Drivers License, Safety Belt Violations, Drug arrest, Uninsured Motorist, and Impaired Drivers.

During the month of September and October, the team conducted a total of 25 DUI arrest,
with no fatalities due to an impaired motorist. With a continued presence due to the DUI Team, Sheriff Wayne DeWitt expects to see fatalities in Berkeley County continue to decrease as it relates to impaired motorist.