How to get the best picture from your hi-def TV

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – The prices for flat screen, high definition TVs have plummeted just in time for the holidays.  They're at the top of many wish lists this year, but it's a little more complicated than just plugging it in.

Customers at Best Buy look down the store's wall of high definition TVs in amazement.  The vivid colors and crisp pictures are enough to draw anybody in, but that great looking picture may not be what you get at home.

According to Jess Tew with Best Buy, customers need to have an HDMI cable and a high-def box to create the best quality picture.  Without those things, Tew says you'll take home a new TV and get a picture that is "pretty much identical to what you've already owned."

The size of the TV could also make a difference in what you see.  If you plan on sitting less than 10-feet away from your massive screen, you won't see a great image.  Instead, you'll see the tiny pixels that make your picture.

"You're actually looking at the smaller details blown up in your face," explained Tew.

The amount of lighting in the room should also play a role in your TV choice.  Plasmas may be bigger and cheaper, but their glass face may give you a glare.

According to Best Buy, the only difference between an LED or LCD and 720P or 1080P is the price and number of lines that make up your picture.

It can be confusing, so consider taking some time sorting out all the details before going to the store to make the purchase.

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