Lexington woman gives birth after not knowing she was pregnant

By Taylor Kearns - bio | email

LEXINGTON, SC (WIS) - Think about everything that goes into having a baby -- the weight gain, the cravings and the back pain. Now imagine having none of those issues before getting a big surprise. A Lexington County woman says it happened to her.

"I'm still just a little bit in shock," said Jasmine Huggins, 27. "I stare at her a lot because I'm like, 'did you really just come out of me?'"

Usually when parents call a child a surprise, they're talking about conception. But not for Huggins. "I would think that you would know," she said.
Huggins' surprise was more of a stunner -- she had no idea she was pregnant. She says her first indication was sharp pains late Tuesday night.

"I was gonna go to work, and I figured I could make it through it," she recounted. "But it didn't happen like that."
Two hours after getting into work, Huggins was in delivery. What she thought were cramps, was her six-pound baby making her way out.

"She pretty much just came out like 'plop,'" said Huggins.

"I got the call and was just totally blown away," said Huggins' mother, Deidre Livingston-Sterling. "Totally surprised."

Livingston-Sterling says she sees her daughter just about every day, and she -- like Jasmine -- had no idea. In fact, they've both been trying to lose weight. "I was impressed, I was proud of her that she was losing weight," said Livingston-Sterling. "That was a goal that we both wanted to do, and she was doing it."
Huggins says she dropped two pants sizes. "My appetite was decreased, I was eating less and I was losing weight," said Huggins. "So that's one reason it didn't click. And everything was normal."

And Huggins knows what it's like to be pregnant. She's got a 7-year-old at home who was much more active in the womb. "My son was all over the place," she said. "He was flipping back and forth, she didn't do any of that."
Huggins' surprise is as cool and healthy as they come. A little unexpected, but no less loved by a mother who didn't see it coming. "This is my miracle," she said.

Huggins said she was seeing someone nine months ago, and was on birth control. But she also remembers she was taking medicine for bronchitis. Antibiotics can often interfere with birth control.

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