Police release 911 call made after alleged beating of toddler

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) – Police released the 911 call they say was made the day after an 18-month-old boy was brutally beaten, hanged from his ankles and punched in the face while his mother reportedly looked on.

The 911 call released Monday was made by a woman from the apartment where police say 18-month-old Louis Wright was beaten.

"The baby, he ain't trying to move, like, it's like his body's just weak, like he ain't moving," the 911 caller said.

"Is he awake?" the 911 operator asked.

"Yes, he's awake. He's not sitting up by himself. You got to hold him up. When I lift him up, like his head is dropped back," the caller said.

"Does he have any difficulty crying?" asked the operator.

"No he's not crying. He isn't doing nothing. I mean he's just laying here and I hold him in my arms," the caller said.

"Is he changing color?" asked the operator.

"I can see him changing color, like his cheeks are black," the caller said.

"His cheeks are black?" the operator asked.

"Yes," the caller said.

The toddler's mother, 18-year-old Shakera Wright is still in jail. She is charged with allowing infliction of great bodily injury to a child. Wright told officers that three teens started wrestling with the toddler and that she made them stop when the hitting was getting too hard.

Police say the alleged abuse happened Nov. 29 at an apartment in the Ashley Shores Complex off Azalea Drive.

According to police, Louis Wright had been strung up by his ankles and beaten. Doctors say the child sustained five rib fractures, air and blood in the thorax and multiple lacerations of the liver, spleen and pancreas.

Doctors say during x-rays, they found evidence of old skull fractures on Wright and they are unsure of when they occurred.

Tyrek Varnes, 16, is charged as an adult with inflicting great bodily injury upon a child. Varnes is also still in jail.

Two other teens, ages 14 and 15 are charged as juveniles in the case.

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