Community pushes closure of rural area nightclub

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COLLETON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - A Colleton County community is rallying to get what they call a hot spot for crime closed down for good.

Deputies responded to two separate shootings on Thanksgiving Weekend at Club Camelot off Highway 61 in the Oakman Branch/Springtown area.

From Israel Hodges bedroom window he can hear it all, like the music.

"Boom boom boom boom, from the bass drums, and you're trying to sleep," Hodges said.

Even worse is the gunfire.

"You can tell the automatic weapons. Bam bam bam bam. I'm listening for sounds to hit my house or bullets to hit my window. It's not a pleasant feeling," Hodges said.

Hodges isn't alone. Many in the Oakman Branch/Springtown community are concerned about repeated acts of violence at Club Camelot. They've even started a crime prevention group that meets monthly.

"It is very important for us to come together, not only to stamp out Club Camelot, but to make sure we have a safe home environment," Anthony King said.

"I feel that if this club was terminated. It would avoid a lot of the things we have here in the neighborhood," Willie Henderson said.

The group is planning to go before county council to voice their concerns. The county solicitor is also expected to inform the council of the nuisance violations at the club.

If council determines laws have been broken they can move ahead with the process of closing down the club. The crime prevention group and citizens at the Oakman Branch Baptist Church say they'll keep praying that the club is closed down for good.

"I am deeply concerned in the issues of violence in this community. As a matter of fact we've been lifting this community in prayer," Pastor Ivory Tucker said.

"We are a church going group. Not only that we look out for each other," Hodges said.

Solicitor Duffie Stone says he is supporting the closure of Club Camelot, and he has met with the owner on the issue. He says there have been 14 incidents in the past six months, including shootings, attempted burglary, and simple assault.

Jairus Mack of Walterboro is facing attempted murder and gun possession charges in connection to the shooting inside Club Camelot over Thanksgiving weekend. Deputies have arrested Dkwon Pinckney in connection with the death of Mack's mother at her home, the day after the Thanksgiving shooting at the club. David Pinckney turned himself in and was arrested in connection with the Club Camelot shooting.

Deputies are still looking for 29 year-old Anthony Frasier. Frasier also goes by the name of "Banks." Colleton County deputies say he is responsible for a shooting in the parking lot of Club Camelot late Thanksgiving night.

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