Emotions run high during Colleton County council meeting over nightclub

WALTERBORO, SC (WCSC) - Colleton County residents packed the council chambers Tuesday night, many in support of closing down what is being considered a hot spot for crime in the Springfield area.

"Its not just one shot at 2 and 3 in the morning, it's a lot of pops going on," said resident Georgia Wy.

Longtime resident Georgia Johnson lives 500 feet from the club. Johnson said she constantly lives in fear of a stray bullet coming though her home..

"That club is surrounded by children in the front back and side and we roll out of the bed because we don't want to get shot by a bullet," Johnson said.

Club Camelot owner Keith Douglas said that he too is a victim of the violence.

"This is our problem this is not a club problem because if it had not happened at Camelot it would have happened somewhere else," Douglas said

Douglas says he is making full efforts to tighten security with a night vision surveillance system, hand held detectors and a walk through detector that he hopes to install this month.

"I am investing the time and resources to make this business run right because I intend to be here long enough to see my son take it over," Douglas said.

On the other hand, Colleton County Solicitor Duffie Stone says with the shootings, assaults and property damage that the club has dealt with the past few months, those measures are a little too late.

"Incidents in six months is 14 incidents too many. These are safety precautions that should have been in place months ago," Stone said.

Stone says he is making a major push to have the club closed.

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