Winterizing your home can save you money

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Winterizing your home for energy savings may sound like a major task, but Claude St. Hilaire, an Energy Auditor and Co-owner of the Home Energy Group, says there are some things you can do yourself to save.

"A simple low cost thing to do is plug all of your non-essential devices into an outlet strip and with the click of a button you unplug these devices so that a simple $10 to $15 element pays for itself overtime," St. Hilaire said.

St. Hilaire also says using compact fluorescent lights and a programmable thermostat are just a few other things that can save you big in the long run.

"Using the features we can set back the temp 2 or 3 degrees when we are not occupying the house these devices are low cost and can pay for themselves in two or three months of time," St. Hilaire said.

Hilaire says a great place to start in your home when it comes to energy savings is the fireplace. Just by closing your fireplace damper you can instantly save yourself $20 a month.

Another culprit sucking the air out of your home is not having proper weather stripping and not knowing the cracks and crevices where air is escaping. That is where an energy auditor like St. Hillaire comes in.

"I am an independent third party evaluation to really give you a handle on where the energy saving are and where is the biggest bang for your buck," St. Hilaire said.

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