Christmas burglars snatch decorations from North Charleston woman

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Christmas is less than two weeks away and one woman in North Charleston says she has been scrooged.

"Oh my gosh it's like the Grinch stole Christmas away from me," Briggs said. "I was so distraught."

On Wednesday night, Geri Briggs drove up to her apartment home on Greenridge Road, only to find her Christmas decorations were missing.

"I thought my landscaper had moved it so I looked on the porch, but it wasn't there," Briggs said. "I thought my cat sitter had put it in the house, but it wasn't here."

Hundreds of dollars of her Christmas decor had been stolen. Briggs says every year she buys a different display and this year's included a peacock swans reindeer and 12 strings of LED lights on the bushes. All that is left are the lights on the balcony which would've required a ladder to steal.

"I thought maybe they stole it because they want to sell it or maybe they stole it because it's so pretty and they wanted to send it home to family out of town," Briggs said.

Briggs called the police and then took matters into her own hands.

"Saturday night I drove around for two hours," Briggs said. "I covered the entire Greenridge area, stopping at every intersection. I found nothing."

So now she has placed bait to see if the Christmas burglars come back. She has placed two poinsettias out front.

"I'm up till 4 in the morning to see if they'll take them," Briggs said. "I want to catch them."

Either way, she hopes these holiday hooligans who lifted her lights are affected by the Christmas spirit even though they tried to steal hers.

"I don't know, but I hope it brings some Christmas joy into their lives," Briggs said.

North Charleston police say Briggs did the right thing by calling them. They say you can protect your property by installing sensor lights and bringing displays like reindeer in at night.

Briggs says most of all she wants an apology from whoever stole her decorations.

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