Workers on I-26 project try and stay warm outside

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The temperatures in the Lowcountry have been bone chilling. Construction workers and other people who work outside have been really feeling the icy temperatures.

Some workers on the Interstate 26 project say they are taking extra precautions to stay safe in this cold windy weather.

"I'm wearing this vest, t-shirt, jacket and coat," said one worker out in the cold.

Earl Capps with US Group Incorporated says he piles on the layers when the temperatures drop. That also goes for the construction workers on the I-26 project who are outside most of the day. Capps says that the health and safety of workers comes before finishing the job.

"If the guys are clearly showing signs of cold weather issues, we're certainly going to stop the work," Capps said.

The workers are told to use the buddy system. They look for signs that a co-worker might be suffering from weathering the elements.

"If you have someone working with you, they'll be the one to say, 'hey you don't look so good,' " Capps said. "Check your hands and skin color and they'll be the ones to say, 'hey get out of the weather.' "

Capps says he stresses the importance of workers staying warm at work and at home.

"Drink lots of fluids, keep your body warm and moving, keep active, don't sit still," said construction worker T.J. Ziegler. "The guys out here usually don't complain because they're generating body heat."

Workers say the main problem with trying to stay warm is it slows down the work flow.

"When you're wearing layers it's hard to move around and be mobile," Ziegler said.

Capps said that so far, workers haven't had any major problems with the cold, but they're still keeping a watchful eye out.

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