DeGrow says he remembers being shot 'every day'

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - At noon on the third day of the trial for a man accused of shooting a Charleston County deputy, the injured deputy took the stand and tearfully told jurors he remembers being shot.

Former deputy Jeffrey DeGrow said he is no longer a member of law enforcement because Brandon Simmons shot him six times.

During his testimony, DeGrow described how he had to chase three men after they refused to stop for him during a burglary investigation. DeGrow said he caught up to one of the men and ordered him to stop. When he rounded a mobile home, he found Simmons standing there with a gun pointed at the deputy, he said.

Simmons fired the weapon and DeGrow fell to the ground, he recalled. He said Simmons stood over him and continued to fire the gun and then checked for the deputy's vital signs.

"The strength of God was with me. I don't know how I got up," DeGrow said.

Then he radioed for help and gave a description of Simmons -- black jacket, jeans and goatee.

Simmons is accused of shooting Deputy Jeff DeGrow multiple times and leaving him blind in his right eye.

Curtis Williams, who finished testimony Wednesday morning, is charged with withholding information, but in court he came forward with evidence that Simmons was trying to get him to keep quiet about the incident.

Williams read letters to the jury from he said were written by Simmons while in jail.

During Williams' cross-examination, defense attorneys claimed Williams lied on the stand and made a motion to have the case thrown out. That motion was denied.

Simmons could face up to 25 years behind bars for both the assault and battery with intent to kill and the gun possession charges if convicted.

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