Police make arrest after remains uncovered

By Brian Entin - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Police in Winter Haven, Fla., police took Lester Ross into custody on Wednesday night.

They say he played a key role in the disappearance of Ronkeya Holmes and her 3-year-old daughter Masaraha, both of Savannah.

He was arrested on charges of tampering with a witness, but police say more charges are coming.

Winter Haven police say they were tipped off to an orange grove in Florida. Within hours of digging on Wednesday, they say they found remains that are likely Ronkeya and her daughter.

"Our heart goes out to them and at this point we can't confirm that it's their loved ones, but we highly suspect it," Winter Haven Police Chief Gary Hester said.

Edith Fletcher has spent the last year looking for her daughter Ronkeya and her 3 year old granddaughter. She said Wednesday's news brings closure.

"To tell the honest to God's truth … I knew the day it happened. I felt it in my heart but I couldn't say anything right then … it feels numb. You don't know how you feel. You are just there. Your mind even stops. It's just there," Fletcher said.

Fletcher saod she has always suspected Lester Ross had something to do with her daughter's disappearance. Ross was Ronkeya's boyfriend and Masaraha's father.

"I know in my heart he is connected. How can you hurt your own child? How can you hurt the mother of your child? It's hard. It's really hard to even think he would do something like this," Fletcher said.

Last April, Ronkeya went to pick up her daughter from Lester Ross in Winter Haven. That is the last time they were seen.

A medical examiner will be needed to officially identify the remains, but the police chief says he is confident they are the missing mother and daughter.

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