Grinch steals local family's gifts

MT. PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - When Kristen Hunsucker got back to her house after running an errand Thursday morning, she noticed something wrong.

"I left to go get her breakfast and when I drove back up, I looked and I said, 'Something is missing, something is not right'," Hunsucker related.  "I looked and saw that our garage door, which is normally open, and when I locked it last night it wasn't closed all the way.  Today, it was closed fully."

Several of the family's Christmas gifts were missing from the garage.  A grinch had taken them sometime during the day on Wednesday.  In addition to the gifts, Hunsucker's daughter Abby's bike was stolen.

Police say people tend to take extraordinary risks around the holidays, and advise people to be aware of that risk.  Thieves may take chances this time of year that they might normally not.

"Treat every time you leave your house, even if it's for an hour, as if you're going on vacation," says Charleston Police Sergeant Trevor Shelor.  "Leave the blinds down, turn on inside lights and the TV, and make sure all the doors are bolted.  There are thieves out there just waiting for you to go shopping."

Shelor also recommends placing gifts and trees out of the view of windows and putting away gifts shortly after opening them.  Leaving large boxes for big-ticket items such as televisions on the sidewalk is ill-advised.  Those tend to serve as advertisements for what is inside the home.

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