New Look Christmas In Summerville

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) – The latest Christmas attraction can be found in Summerville this holiday season. Bob and Bridget Wingert are proud owners of 15,000 LED Christmas lights on their front yard – that dance to 53 Christmas songs.

"I think he's crazy," says Bob's neighbor Keith, jokingly.

Bob has spent the better part of the last year on his holiday pride and joy. "It was just constant eat, breathe, sleep, lights," says his wife Bridget. "He couldn't even sleep at night - he was dreaming about doing the lights."

The lights are attached to a lone laptop inside the Wingert's house that plays songs that Bob has tediously programmed – choreographing each beat of the song.

"It takes eight hours to program one minute of music," says Bob. And he's programmed over 50 songs.

The Wingert's live on Decatur Road in Summerville in the Cane Bay Plantation. Their house is attracting people from all over the state. Bridget even says a woman from Virginia came down to see the light show. But all this attention isn't going to waste.

"We decided to do the Lowcountry Food Bank Donations," says Bridget. "So far we have collected over 500 pounds of food."

The food bank was cautious to come out at first according to Bob.

"She was like what? You want what, where? I was like just bring us the bins and we'll fill them for you - I promise you," says Wingert.

The Wingert's are keeping food bins and their dancing lights out for display until January 9th. For more information, Bridget says to check their facebook page, Lights on Decatur.

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