Greenville man arrested after Nigerian money scam blows up

COLUMBIA, SC (WCSC) - A Greenville man was sentenced in federal court Tuesday for conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

Kenneth Ojua, 39, was sentenced to 27 months imprisonment and ordered him to pay $147,541.87 in restitution to the victim of his crime.

Evidence presented at the change of plea hearing established that beginning in or about November 2006, a man identifying himself as Barrister Adelwale Davis contacted the victim of this scheme via e-mail.

Davis represented that an American family had died in a car accident in Africa and that he needed assistance in transferring monies related to the deaths to the United States.  He further represented that because the entire family died in the accident, there was no one else to claim the money.

Davis informed the victim that she would receive $15 million for her assistance and that there was nothing illegal about the transaction. Between November 2006 and December 2009, the victim, per the instructions of Davis, wired thousands of dollars to Davis and his associates to cover alleged fees needed to complete the transfer of the $15 million.

Just as the victim was refusing to wire anymore funds, Davis told her the $15 million was in storage in Greenville.

On Decc 18, 2009, the victim per the instructions of Davis, traveled to Greenville to meet an alleged African Diplomat identified as Jeffrey Grant. The supposed diplomat's  real name was Kenneth Ojua.

Ojua told the victim that he would give her the $15 million after she paid yet another storage fee.  Ojua was arrested after a confrontation with the victim.

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