Police searching for one on drug, gun charges

Yvette Wilson. (Source: Cash Bond)
Yvette Wilson. (Source: Cash Bond)

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Charleston police are looking for one person wanted on drug and gun charges after having several suspects detained almost two weeks ago.

According to an incident report, on Dec. 18, police raided a Rutledge Avenue home where they found and detained Yvette Elizabeth Wilson, 40, Anthony Lamar Wilson, 23, Ronald Cornell Bryant Jr., 36, and a 13-year-old juvenile.

During a search of the home, police found 3 grams of crack, 3 grams of marijuana, 1.6 grams of cocaine, and a trace amount of another drug. Police also found a bb gun and a .40-caliber handgun.

Police read the three suspects their rights and began questioning them. During questioning, the suspects said the drugs and guns belonged to  fourth person, Antwan Wilson. They also said Antwan Wilson was known to sell drugs.

Apparently, police then let the suspects go.

On Dec. 23, Yvette Wilson surrendered to police on charges of possession of cocaine base and marijuana. She was released on a personal recognizance bond. Bryant surrendered to police on Dec. 29.

Now police are looking Antwan Wilson on distributing cocaine near a school.

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