Folly's community alert system getting test run

FOLLY BEACH, SC (WCSC) - Pan Garden was one of the several Chinese restaurants struck in the string of robberies in the Lowcountry.

Mayor Tim Goodwin said following the robbery was one of the first times the city used the community alert system, known as Outbound 911.

"The businesses were glad to hear it. It only went to the businesses. With this system if there is a power outage or utility failure we can just send phone messages to a block or two blocks of the area. We don't have to tell everybody," Goodwin said.

The mayor, police, fire, or other city officials could record the messages to be sent out through the alert system.

"We are giving an alert to all of our citizens as a test," Goodwin said.

The city partnered with AT&T to have access to the 911 database, which includes all business or residential landline numbers in city boundaries.

The system could send out information including the following:

    * AMBER Alerts
    * Missing Person Alerts
    * Evacuations
    * Security & Crime Alerts
    * Weather Emergencies
    * HazMat Events
    * Water Main Breaks
    * Power Outages

911 databases only include numbers for landline telephones, meaning cell phones and email users may not be getting the alerts. But Folly Beach officials say residents can log into the town's website to register for the important information.

"It's very important and if they don't feel comfortable registering if they call the municipal clerk Mary Cunningham. They just call up and give us the information, we'll make sure it gets there," Goodwin said.

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