West Ashley branch of sofa store chain closing

WEST ASHLEY - Sofa Super Store, locally owned since 1992, Thursday announced the planned closure of their West Ashley store located on Wappoo Road as part of their downsizing efforts during this bad economy.

Sofa Super Store's North Charleston and Mt. Pleasant showrooms however will remain open, company officials said.

Furniture sales nationwide have been declining due to the poor economy and in particular, the real estate market. Industry analysts have noted a direct correlation between fewer real estate transactions and the purchase of new furniture.

"We've seen sluggish sales in our West Ashley store as home sales have slowed and consumer credit has also been hard hit," said Becky Field, vice president of Sofa Super Store. "We postponed this decision as long as possible hoping the economy would turn for the better, but that has not been the case, and we've been left with no choice but to unfortunately close our West Ashley store."

The West Ashley store, which is located at 1119 Wappoo Rd. and currently employs 10 people will close on March 31, 2011. Those employees affected by the closure will be given priority if vacancies occur at our other two stores.