Charleston Fire Department passes out smoke detectors, safety information

CHARLESTON,SC (WCSC) - Days after a fatal fire struck a downtown neighborhood members of the Charleston Fire Department were back in the area. It is called the "After the Fire Neighborhood Canvas Program."

Charleston firefighters responded to 108 Smith Street around 4:30 a.m. New Year's Day and found the home engulfed in flames.

The fire department was in the neighborhood to make sure those that live there have working smoke detectors and fire safety information.

"In this case we were not able to identify a working smoke alarm in the house so we want to emphasize the importance of a working fire alarm and that's why these guys are out here tonight and want to go door to door," said Fire Marshal and Battalion Chief Mike Julazadeh.

For residents like Clay Lifton who lived next door to where the fatal fire happened, he says seeing the firefighters was a welcome sight.

"It's incredibly important especially considering the tragedy that happened next door," Lifton said.

Lifton was surprised to find that his fire alarm needed changing, but was relieved to have it done.

"It feels really good, he said. "It really feels like they care about the community. They came in and checked them and changed the ones that were not working it really gave us a great sense of safety."

Julazadeh said the program is one of many important things they do.

"It's very fresh on everybody's mind and they have questions about it and smoke alarms we want to make sure we get out in a timely manner and pass out information that's relative to what happened," Julazadeh said.

Tim Cwick, who moved in only two days ago, says he appreciates the extra information.

"That was one of the things I overlooked," Cwick said. "I will change those out tonight and we should be safe and good to go."

In addition to changing out and checking smoke detectors and changing out batteries, the Charleston Fire Department also handed out brochures about fire safety and prevention.

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