2 men tied up workers in back room during Ravenel armed robbery

RAVENEL, SC (WCSC) – The Charleston County Sheriff's Office responded to an armed robbery Wednesday night at the Dollar General Store in Ravenel.

According to sheriff's deputies, two men entered the store at around 9 p.m. right before close. One suspect was wearing a Halloween mask, the other wearing a woman's stocking over his head.

The two suspects forced a female employee and a male employee into a dark back room. According to police, both employees were tied up with electrical cord.

Authorities say the robbers took an undisclosed amount of money and left the scene.

The male employee told police that in the days leading up to the robbery there was suspicious activity around closing time outside the store. Monday night he remembers two males outside in the parking lot. Tuesday, two males came into the store right before close to buy one bag of 99 cent potato chips.

Police are trying to determine if the incidents are related.

Before the suspects fled the scene, the male employee over heard one suspect call the other "Terrence."

Deputies are still searching for the two suspects and no other information has been released at this time.

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