JI mayor shares his own burglary story with residents to raise awareness

JAMES ISLAND, SC (WCSC) – Residents on James Island have come up with a crime fighting strategy and it is information everyone can use to make homes safer.

James Island Mayor James Woolsey shared his personal encounter with crime during a meeting with residents Wednesday night. He said his home was recently broken into and he said he has tracked an increase in these crimes.

Woolsey is asking the community to work together to stop the break-ins.

"I was burglarized then there was another one, so it looks like we've got a problem," Woolsey said Wednesday night.

Woolsey and his family were out of town and came home to find their door open and TV gone.

"In the past, crimes were during the day, now some are at night with people at home. It's troubling," Woolsey said.

One of the people at home during a break-in is Gray Bailey.

"It's an awful feeling," Bailey said. "It happened on New Year's Eve and I'm still not over it."

One resident at the meeting suggested using new technology to catch the criminals by taking pictures with your cell phones.

"Pass it on to detectives," said Lt. Lisa McCray with the Charleston County Sheriff's Office. "Their clothing, a description. If it's a black, white, man or woman, whatever the case may be."

McCray also suggests if there is a car involved in a crime to take a picture and try to get a shot of the license plate.

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