Life after the governorship

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Just days before his term in office ends, Governor Mark Sanford's contemplation of the future continues.

"I think the only thing that I do know is the geography," said Sanford. "I will come back down here to Charleston, and a combination of here in Charleston and the farm which is down closer to Beaufort will be the geography of where I live. What I'm going to do, I'll figure out."

After nearly two decades of government involvement, Sanford wants to hop off the political treadmill and set aside a week or two for some ordinary activities.

"Unpack boxes and all the other sort of normal things that go with a move," said Sanford.

During his eight years in office, Sanford fought wasteful spending, and often clashed with state lawmakers.

"Nobody wants to have a rocky relationship with anybody, but what I'd say is that change at times involves conflict," said Sanford.

He was quick to offer his thoughts on some of the most talked about political stories in South Carolina, including the allegations of infidelity leveled against Governor-elect Nikki Haley during her campaign.

"Politics are politics," said Sanford. "Politics is a rough, rough sport. At times whoever can throw the most mud against the wall and hope that some of it sticks wins. The beauty though people out there can see through a lot of allegations, and I think that was the case on that one."

Sanford lauded Alvin Greene's bid for office as an example of what is possible in the United States.

"I think it's great, I mean it's America," said Sanford. "I mean the beauty of the American political system is none of us have to shut up, everyone of us can say what we believe. It may be a long shot, but the fact is a guy went out there said this is what I believe, and got the nomination."

In June 2009 Sanford made news headlines of his own when he admitted to having an affair, a topic he avoids now.

"I think I've said everything that could possibly be said and a whole lot more about it," said Sanford.

As Sanford enters his final days in office, he said how he will be remembered depends on who you ask, but a few accomplishments come to his mind.

"I think a couple of major themes stand out, more investment during these eight years than during any other in South Carolina history," said Sanford. "So, there are going to be a number of opportunities that wouldn't have been there before. I think this idea of trying to change the ways that things were done in Columbia."

When asked about regrets while in office, Sanford shared this thought.

"We certainly grow, and to Monday afternoon quarterback yourself is the reality of life, but the equal reality of life is we don't get redos," said Sanford.

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