Sheriff's office investigates possible cyber bulling at Cane Bay HS

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) – The Berkeley County Sheriff's Office is investigating after allegations of cyber bullying on Facebook by Cane Bay High School students have surfaced.

According to Kathy Sizemore, spokeswoman for the Berkeley County School District, Cane Bay High School filed a police report and the Principal Lee Westberry offered a $100 reward for information about the Facebook page. The principal also notified parents and students about the legal ramifications of cyber bullying.

A police report from the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office says that the Facebook page "Cane Bay Downbadd," was using the school's logo and parents were complaining to members of the school board about bullying on the site.

Cane Bay High School contacted Facebook and had the site shut down. Forty-three pages were printed out from the Facebook page, some of them alluding to students having sex with other students, a police report said.

The Berkeley County Sheriff's Office is investigating.

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